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Accessories have never looked so delicious

Ever look at a dish and think to yourself, That. That actually looks good enough to wear.

Just looking at FunwithArtz’ miniature clay creations, they could easily be responsible for many a craving. Her masterpieces boggle the mind on how something so small, can look so delicious.

When you gaze long into soup, the soup also gazes into you.

When you gaze long into soup, the soup also gazes into you.

A self-taught creator, FunwithArtz discovered clay modelling nine years ago when she came across photos of Japanese mini clay food online. Struck by inspiration, she took the plunge scouring the web for clay modelling video tutorials, and even going so far as to ship her first batch of materials all the way from Japan.

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Having previously worked with ceramics, her journey into clay modelling turned out to be much more malleable. And she began experimenting first with bread.

However, without a dedicated teacher, working to such fine details with clay was a challenge. FunwithArtz persevered, going through different books, methods, and of course, lots of practice. Gradually, her works began to resemble their delectable real-life inspirations.

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Now, FunwithArtz hosts workshops on regular basis. She aims to introduce others to the wonderful world of miniature food modelling. Her participants often greet her with a hint of incredulity as to how something so small could be possibly produced by the human hand. That’s when FunwithArtz presses a block of clay into their palms saying, “Let me show you.”

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If you’re interested to find out more about these miniscule dishes, FunwithArtz is hosting workshops at Carouselland on 11-12 Aug. Sign up here!

Carouselland 2018 - Trails and Treasures is set to be the largest indoor consumer bazaar in Singapore, it will take place on the 11th-12th August at the Marina Bay Sands Hall B/C!

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