• They are our #LocalPride

    In commemoration of National Day, Carouselland’s Local Pride Section will put the spotlight on up-and-coming individuals from Singapore’s creative scene. From fashion to visual arts, photography to craft, Singapore’s bright young stars will be conducting workshops, sharing sessions and showcasing their craft.

    Rachel Lim

    Entrepreneur, Founder of Love, Bonito

    Recently honored by Forbes as Asia’s 30 under 30, Rachel epitomizes women’s confidence through style. Having dropped out of school to start Love, Bonito, a fast-growing e-commerce fashion business that has garnered a strong following amongst young working women.


    Rachel will be conducting an Entrepreneurship sharing session, which will feature her journey where her tenaciousness shone through the bumps she faced throughout. Hurry, first 30 sign-ups will get exclusive Carousell swag!


    Sign up here now!

    Sylvia Chan

    Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Night Owl Cinematics

    Having co-founded Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) together with her husband, Ryan, Sylvia’s humorous personality and ability to direct led to NOC’s claim to fame in recent years.


    Sylvia is also President of NOC Charity Club where she sources for charities for NOC to work within productions, or for raising funds for them.


    Show Sylvia and her team some support by visiting their booth and raising funds for AWWA at Carouselland 2018!


    NOC will be taking the stage on Sunday, stay tuned to find out more!

    Yafiq & Yais

    Instagram Photographers

    Just scroll through Yafiq and Yais’ Instagram profiles, and it’s no surprise that the photography duo is insta-famous.


    From creative architecture shots to choreographed compositions, their eye for photography has led them to collaborate with brands like Apple, Channel NewsAsia and more.


    Yafiq and Yais will be leading a *FREE* interactive photo trail at Carouselland. Learn how to shoot, edit and compose an insta-worthy shot from the masters themselves!


    Registration link is open, SIGN UP NOW >>>

    The Syarifs

    Entrepreneurs, Public Figures

    Couple Syarif and Malaque, and their adorable children, Selma and Umar, are affectionately known as “The Syarifs”, where they’ve garnered a large following. Syarif, a local actor-singer turned food entrepreneur, claims he’s the Churro “Dough Man” for Chulop, but we’re sure he’s more than that!


    Watch The Syarifs churn out some delicious churros at Carouselland 2018!

  • Jessica Tham (@tippytapp)

    Entrepreneur, Founder of SOIGNÉ

    Jessica is a mother and founder of her own fashion brand SOIGNÉ. As an ex-stewardess with Singapore Airlines, Jessica is now one of Singapore leading Instagram stars. She highlights her fashion expertise, food and travel journeys ahead of her daily life at work and time spent with her family.

    Browse through Jessica’s highly sought after closet at Carouselland 2018 this August!

    Joanna Lim (@joannalhs)

    Actress (NOC), Content Creator

    Bubbly and jovial, Joanna never fails to brighten up the room with her large, bright smile. A staple in NOC’s videos, Joanna is an indispensible team member.


    In order to raise funds for AWWA, Joanna and her NOC team will be selling their preloved items at Carouselland 2018! Join us to show them some support!

    Aurelia Hathaway Ng (@aureliahathaway)

    Actress (NOC), Content Creator

    An early addition to NOC’s videos, Aurelia has contributed plenty to NOC’s YouTube success with her gorgeous looks and great acting! Aurelia’s preppy chic style has always been the envy of many girls out there.


    Show Aurelia and her NOC team some support by visiting their booth and raising funds for AWWA at Carouselland 2018!

    Anna En (@anna_en)

    Makeup Artist (NOC), Content Creator

    Anna is a professional makeup artist responsible for the beautiful looks and special effect makeup in most of NOC’s videos!


    In order to raise funds for AWWA, Anna and her NOC team will be selling their preloved items at Carouselland 2018! Join us to show them some support!

    Grace Lim (@gracelsyy)

    Fashion Stylist (NOC), Content Creator

    Known for her expertise in styling, Grace’s petite frame coupled with her quirky personality makes her the perfect girl-next-door!


    Trust us, you’ll return home with a new wardrobe when you visit Grace’s booth at Carouselland 2018! Show Grace and her NOC team some support by visiting their booth and raising funds for AWWA at Carouselland 2018!

    Ewejin Tee (@ewejintee)

    Hand Lettering Artist

    Initially a graphic and product designer, Ewejin starting practising his craft of hand lettering since 2012. Fast forward to 2018, Ewejin is a highly sought after calligrapher by many corporate and private clients looking to spice up campaigns with a personal touch.


    With a strong love for writing in black on white surfaces, Ewejin is willing to share his craft at Carouselland 2018 by conducting a workshop! Sign up now!

    James Wong (@mjameswong)

    NERF Gun Customiser

    James is an artist, toy lover, and entrepreneur rolled into one.

    As a NERF Gun Customiser, he transforms humble kid toys into badass blasters. With his love for customising guns, he has grown his passion project to a thriving business on Carousell.


    Find him and his pimped-up NERF Guns at Carouselland 2018!

    Esther Peck (@estherpeck)


    Starting a family didn’t keep Esther away from her pursuing her passion - art. Instead, with the support of her family, she started experimenting with different kinds of art until this day. Esther is a highly accomplished artist and calligrapher and has a large following on Instagram, where she typically displays her flawless craft. Just recently, Esther published her first book dedicated to her art, Lush & Blooms: A Watercolour Collection.


    Learn from the best at calligraphy from Esther at Carouselland 2018!

    Non-for-Profit Organisation

    The Heart Bazaar was founded by three sisters in February 2017. A shop with a mission. A mission to change the world, one dress at a time. The Heart Bazaar sells curated like-new or brand new donated clothing with 100% profits going to charities and social causes.


    By simply shopping, you are making an active donation to a charitable organization!


    This Carouselland, The Heart Bazaar will joining us and selling stylish picks from celebrities such as Sheila Sim, Cheryl Wee, Tricia Ong & more to raise funds for charity.

    Valerie Wang (@valerie_wang)

    Entrepreneur, Founder of UNDA

    A fine arts graduate and founder of UNDA, Valerie is a multi-talented blogger, trendsetter and creator. Valerie has a passion for creating and crafting, which led her to found UNDA, a fashion and leather craft online store dedicated to simplicity and aesthetics.
    Join Valerie at Carouselland 2018 and get inspired by her signature simplistic style!​​​

    Billy Chow


    Founder of Velvet Hoop Customs, Sneaker Customizer

    Billy Chow founded Velvet Hoop customs to combine his two loves – art and sneakers.


    This young and emerging artist has grown his hobby to become a business, with a long list of custom orders. His specialty? Painting pop-culture characters such as Deadpool and Dragon Ball.


    Get your sweet kicks customized at his Carouselland booth!

    Rachel Wong (@rchlwngxx)

    Content Creator

    A natural fashion chameleon with impeccable style, Rachel’s influence has taken over Instagram. A ravishing beauty and lifestyle influencer of her time, Rachel’s closet is filled with all girls’ must-haves and wants! Raid Rachel’s closet at Carouselland 2018!

    Chloe Choo (@chloeandchoo)

    Content Creator

    Chloe’s bold personality and girl-next-door looks shine through the crowd! Starting out as a blogshop model, Chloe’s Instagram following is drawn from her edgy and chic style.


    Being an animal lover, Chloe is also a strong advocate for adoption & animal rights, as well as standing for cruelty-free products. Resident face for Young Hungry Free and AforArcade, Chloe’s wardrobe is definitely worth checking out this Carouselland!

    Join Chloe in style-hunting at Carouselland 2018!

    Jessica Loh (@shiberty)

    Entrepreneur & Online Personality

    Jessica, or better known as Shiberty in the online sphere, is known for being an amazing baker and food enthusiast.


    A lifestyle blogger too, she often blogs about her life experiences & how she overcomes obstacles in life, which has helped inspire confidence in many of her readers.

    Join Jessica this Carouselland 2018 and browse through her makeup collection!

    Irina Tan (@irinatyt)

    Content Creator

    Irina’s life has always revolved around the creative industry - from the time she worked as a runway model to now when she is currently living the Mad Men life in an advertising firm.


    Her wardrobe is versatile but she is best known for her edgy, simplistic and sometimes girly looks.

    Raid Irina’s closet at Carouselland 2018!

    Saranya Chyenne (@saranyachyenne_)

    Content Creator,

    TNP New Face 2017 Finalist

    Despite Saranya’s young age, she’s accomplished far more than what many of her peers have. Having participated in TNP New Face 2017, Saranya emerged as a finalist amongst 20 contestants.

    Still a student, Saranya’s stash of comfy and versatile pieces are up for grabs at Carouselland 2018!

    Atiqah Zulkifli (@automatiqhigh)

    Content Creator

    A new mother to an adorable baby boy, Raheel Zayan, Atiqah is a self-taught makeup guru and has a growing following of young moms and millennials interested in makeup and in modest fashion!


    Join Atiqah at Carouselland 2018 for gorgeous modest dresses and outfits for you to shop!

    Eugene Lim (@geniemule)

    Co-founder of the High Panters & The Gentlemen's Pride

    Most might know Eugene Lim for his sharp dressing and for starting The Gentleman’s Pride - a resource for the modern-day gentleman. However, that’s not the only initiative he kick-started. Quite often, he swaps his dapper clothes for gym wear - and all for a good cause.


    In 2012, he co-founded The High Panters, a running collective that focuses on raising awareness for social causes. The High Panters will be selling pre-loved clothing to raise funds for HCSA Community Services. The money raised will be used to provide support to ex-offenders, single mums, and young women facing trauma.

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