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    Best deal ever.

    Met my boyfriend through Carousell, was selling off old sports tape that i didnt use anymore. We chatted and discovered that we had mutual friends, and similar interests. Talked about scuba diving, swimming, etc etc. Met up again after he “needed more tape”, and things started developing from there. Still together after a year and a half, he’s my best carousell deal!


    -Alycia Cullen

    Starting a beer company

    A local beer company emerged from the first thing we brought from Carousell 2 years ago. The treasure we got was a used beer brewing kit that allow us to homebrew our very own. After many attempt and countless "sampling" sessions, we finally developed a beer with explosive hop aroma without the over powering bitterness in most craft beer. Today, my friend and I are the proud owner of Straits Pint, a brand dedicated to the founder of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles. True Story!


    -Denny Liew

    What would you do if you find a $2?

    Bought a book a few years back with the owner leaving 2 dollars in the book as a bookmark. Tried to return to him but he say to keep it and pay it forward. That exact 2 dollar note is kept in view on my desk to remind myself to constantly pay it forward and contribute to the society.


    -Vince Chua

    What would you do if you find a $2?

    My most treasured experience in Carousell brings me back to when I was looking for a 2nd hand baby cot in preparation for the birth of my 2nd princess ❤


    I searched high and low for a reasonable price until I finally struck a deal with this super nice family who even threw in two additional sets of bumpers just for me 😃


    When I needed some time to arrange for a transport to pick up this bulky cot, the buyer patiently waited for my reply and was really accommodating to all my requests 😃


    All these kind gestures from the Carouseller really made this transaction a pleasant one 😃


    I was even more amazed how Carousel can build the bridge when we continued to communicate via whatsapp and shared with each other on useful parenting hacks and valuable lessons on parenting life


    -Sharon Kwok-Tan

    Daddies will do anything for their kids to make them happy :')

    The most precious moment for me was this Daddy who bought this pair of used shoes from me. As I was selling my used shoes(which I didn't wear anymore) on the cheap, this dad bought it from me.


    He shared that he bought it for his kid for his birthday.. he mentioned it was something small that he could afford for his kid.


    This really touched my heart as an item which I didn't have love for had this extra value and love. The daddy's sacrifice, it's treasure that you don't get to experience anywhere else, especially for me as a daddy myself


    -Phua Sze Jin

    Then there are kids who put a smile on their dads' faces

    It was my Dad’s 60th birthday and I had searched high and low in retail shops for his favourite CD.


    I wanted to surprise him with this because he accidentally threw away the CD 2 years ago with a spoiled audio player and has always expressed his regret for this. I thought that I would give Carousell a try since it’s such a treasure trove and I was so happy that I managed to find a seller who had the CD.


    My Dad was elated to receive the gift and so was I to see the happiness on his face!


    -Julia Hui

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